Matching Breeding Goals & Pasture Growth for Increased Productivity

For those dairy farmers running pasture-based systems, how do we realign pasture demand and growth? Is it possible to revert to a seasonal calving strategy? And could this lead to greater on farm efficiencies and ultimately drive productivity growth? For this farmer, the answer is yes.
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Urgency and Leadership by our Dairy Farm Managers

We all live in an uncertain world. How we cope with this uncertainty on our dairy farms will be governed by the strengths of our relationships and the culture that we have built within our businesses.
agCap Dairy Asset Management

agCap Dairy Asset Management

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Connecting Investors to Sharefarmers

Corporate dairy farming is often associated with thousands of cows and high-input systems but the secret to success may be something rather more modest. In fact, agCap’s Wolfie Wagner says 400 to 700-cow pasture based dairy farms are in the box seat to capture the interest of savvy farm owners.
Right Time to Calve

Thought Piece – Seasonal Single Calving

Have a read of our thought piece on the advantages of a seasonal single calving model on pasture based dairy farms.
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agCap Background – what we do

agCap is an asset manager specialising in pasture based Australian dairy farm investments, operations and management.
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Going Corporate Dairy Farming – Wagner & Malcolm, 2019

In this paper, whereabouts in Australia might a corporate firm invest fruitfully in dairying, and which key things would they need to "get right" to succeed, are explored.
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agCap Brochure

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The Australian Dairy Industry

Some key features of the Australian Dairy Industry that highlights how dairy contributes to Australia's economic well being.
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agCap completes SAF divestment, homes in on dairy

Australian agricultural investment manager agCap has completed the sale of its first Sustainable Agriculture Fund (SAF) portfolio, grossing more than $180 million for investors and paving the way for a second investment vehicle to focus on Australian dairy.
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Falling Dairy Prices: agCap’s Sustainable Approach

The dairy industry was rocked by the announcement by Australia’s…