Sustainable Agriculture

agCap Pty Ltd embraces sustainability as a fundamental requirement in managing agricultural assets. As long-term assets, agricultural enterprises need an operating strategy that matches its investment/ownership horizon.

We define sustainability as meeting the needs of present communities without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In agriculture, this means managing farms in a way that ensures productivity and profitability are maintained or enhanced over the long-term without depleting our national, social and economic resources.

Sustainability, therefore, is measured in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts.


We believe longevity of ownership is the most efficient way of maintaining an operating strategy that has long-term horizons and payback. To do this, agCap needs to provide satisfactory returns to our farm owners and/or investors and manage the assets responsibly with the necessary corporate governance. This means operating the assets efficiently and economically to generate satisfactory returns for owners and and applying organisational structures that create alignment across all stakeholders; balanced with appropriate reporting and supervision.


Focusing on our contribution to rural communities and ensuring we attract and retain skilled workers, contractors and service providers and maintaining a social licence to operate. Internally, we do this by operating and maintaining a safe workplace and developing rewarding careers for our staff. Externally, we do this through industry and community involvement at each of our farms under management.


Looking after the environment is an important part of preserving the value of agricultural assets. We utilise best practice management, technology and innovation to address issues such as climate change, water, remediation of past unsustainable activities and emission monitoring. Our focus is on the sustainable intensification of agricultural enterprises we manage and as stewards of the land, we have a focus on preserving and increasing the productivity and value of the land.