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agCap is an asset manager specialising in pasture based Australian dairy farm investments, operations and management. Established in 2010, as the manager and trustee of the Sustainable Agriculture Fund which was successfully fully divested in 2018, returning approximately $185m of capital to our investors.

Part of the Sustainable Agriculture Fund included the successful management of four Tasmanian dairy farms milking a total of 2,900 cows which resulted in agCap building considerable IP, deep knowledge, a sustainable operating model for aggregated dairy farm businesses and a team of people with broad ag experience from the paddock to the board room table.

agCap dairy asset management aims to ensure that people, process, livestock and pastures are structured and aligned to ensure the best prospect of assets performing above average. We concentrate on the whole farm system and strive to find the balance for your business.

agCap offers three levels of management solutions which are all preceded by a dairy business assessment. The dairy business assessment is designed to provide us with an understanding of our client’s business including their goals and needs. It helps identify potential issues and gaps in existing management structures.

agCap management solutions:

  1. End to end holistic asset management – long term, resulting in sustainable solutions.
  2. Intermediate management solutions – up to two years with clearly defined objectives.
  3. Short term management solutions focusing on a smaller number of issues.

We will tailor management solutions and fee structures (mix of base management fees and performance-based fees) to meet client’s needs and expectations.

With greater visibility and traceability being imposed on the market by customers, media and regulators, operators that embrace transparency and accountability proactively, will be best placed to manage on-going market change and react faster and more effectively. agCap has the IP, processes and systems that allow us to provide evidence-based reporting that will support our social license to operate.

To build sustainable, profitable dairy businesses agCap assists their clients to;

    1. Create farming systems that have alignment between farm workers, managers and farm owners/investors whilst providing rewarding careers for our people. Develop people who understand the whole farm system.
    2. Improve productivity – produce more with less e.g. 
      a. Less land
      b. Less water
      c. Less fertiliser
      d. Less antibiotics
    3. Breed cows that live longer and produce more milk by utilising the 1:1:5 breeding plan (1 calf/cow/annum, 1kgMS/kg liveweight and an average 5 lactations/cow).

We can only do these things if we set clear objectives and continually measure/report our progress. Our reporting must be evidence based.

agCap solutions are focused on sustainability of communities, jobs, farms, suppliers, production, staff, livestock, environment – that is, we believe that our responsibility extends beyond the farm gate and that creating a healthy and sustainable ecosystem ultimately creates a more stable operating environment. Our systems and models aim to improve information flow to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Success will be built by ensuring strong communication, with the right team and the belief that control is good, but trust is better.

Wolfie Wagner