SAF Farms & Aggregation Management Experience

The SAF Portfolio, formerly managed by agCap, was an innovative platform for institutional investors and comprised of the following aggregations:

Cradle Coast

At a glance:

  • Sector – Livestock – dairy
  • Location – Cradle Coast, Northern Tasmania
  • Rainfall – 1,125 mm to 1,500 mm
  • Area – Four properties with a combined area of 1,145 ha (2,829 acres)
  • Cows Milked – 2,900
  • Cross bred cows stocked at approx. 3 cows/ha
  • Purchased – December 2010
  • Sold – December 2017

The Aggregation consisted of four pasture based dairies located in northern Tasmania. The aggregation benefited from highly reliable rainfall, excellent soil types and secure water entitlements allowing the spring calving herd to milk through the summer and autumn. A unique sharefarmer model provided the on-farm management, with all sharefarmers having an excellent track record.

King Island

At a glance:

  • Sector – Livestock – beef cattle
  • Location – King Island, Tasmania (Bass Strait)
  • Rainfall – 700mm to 1,000mm
  • Area – Five farms comprising a total area of 6,786 ha (16,768 acres)
  • Purchased – February 2010
  • Sold – November 2017

King Island has ideal conditions for premium beef production. Situated midway between Victoria and Tasmania, the island has a temperate climate, abundant rainfall, high quality pastures and is one of the world’s cleanest and most natural environments. The Aggregation ran a self replacing Angus herd, targeting the yearling grass fed market.

North Star

At a glance:

  • Sector – Cropping, rainfed (no irrigation)
  • Location – North Star, northern NSW
  • Rainfall – 583mm to 623mm
  • Area – Five non-contiguous holdings for a total land area of 9,710 ha (23,994 acres)
  • Purchased – December 2009
  • Sold – September 2017

NSA grew winter and summer crops such as wheat, barley, chickpeas, sorghum and cotton. Situated in the Golden Triangle, this region is known for its reliable rainfall, superior soil types and access to the major regional centres of Goondiwindi and Moree. Both centres provide extensive agricultural, medical and education services.

Darlington Point

At a glance:

  • Sector – Cropping, irrigated and rainfed
  • Location – Darlington Point, southern NSW
  • Irrigation water – Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Source and Murrumbidgee River
  • Rainfall – 406mm
  • Area – Two non-contiguous holdings for a total land area of 4,926 ha (12,172 acres)
  • Purchased – October 2010
  • Sold – September 2017

SAF management converted Huddersfield and Tubbo to highly productive cotton farms, though they have historically grown a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, maize, chickpeas, seed crops, sunflowers and vegetables. The Aggregation’s sustainable water resource and its high quality soils allowed high levels of production to be regularly achieved.

Western Victoria

At a glance:

  • Sector – Cropping, rainfed (no irrigation)
  • Location – Western Victoria
  • Rainfall – 570mm
  • Area – Three non-contiguous holdings comprising a total area of  1,445 ha (3,570 acres)
  • Purchased – January 2011
  • Sold – September 2017

Located in the heart of Victoria’s reliable and productive Western District, WVA grew winter crops including wheat, barley and canola. In addition to being productive and strong performing, WVA provided diversification benefits to the other cropping aggregations as its rainfall was lowly correlated to North Star and Darlington Point Aggregations.