agCap Update

agCap would like to announce that we will complete our management services with our WA client, Peninsula Downs on 31 August 2020. agCap has worked with Peninsula Downs over the past twelve months and has helped set a new direction for the business.
The business is now securely focused on being a large scale profitable pasture-based milk producer; crossbred cows with calving better matched to pasture growth curves producing quality milk in line with seasonal milk prices. Sheep, steers, and beef are all but gone and in the future may be considered based on opportunity and profitability.

Ross is ready to take control of the business and believes that he is too young to take a back seat and/or step away from the business. Ross acknowledges the fact that agCap has invested a lot of time, skill, and effort into making changes to his dairy business and thanks agCap for their involvement.

Wolfie Wagner (agCap CEO) has learnt a lot in the last twelve months about the WA dairy industry and thanks Ross for sharing his vast knowledge with him. agCap will continue to build its dairy asset management business and is looking for the next opportunity.

Both Ross and Wolfie wish each other success as they move forward to new opportunities.